UK Delivery Enquiry

  1. Do I need to retain my damaged item?

    We strongly recommend that you retain any damaged item(s) should you wish to query them with the ... (read more)

  2. I no longer require my item, can I stop delivery?

    If you no longer require your item, you may refuse delivery of the item. The item will then be t... (read more)

  3. I wish to raise a complaint regarding my delivery, what should I do?

    Please contact the sender of your item, they will then be able to raise a complaint direct with W... (read more)

  4. My item is showing as On Hold with the carrier, why might this be?

    Typically items are placed on hold by carriers if they are unable to affect delivery of an item d... (read more)

  5. My item shows as handed over to Royal Mail, why has tracking stopped?

    If your item is showing as handed over to Royal Mail, it has been despatched upon our InSight ser... (read more)

  6. My parcel has arrived but I have a question about it.

    Please contact the sender of the parcel direct with your queries. (read more)

  7. My parcel tracks as delivered but I have not received it. What can I do?

    Should nobody be at home when our carrier attempted delivery, the driver may have delivered the i... (read more)

  8. When can I expect my parcel to be delivered?

    The expected delivery date of your item will depend upon which service the item has been sent. Pl... (read more)

  9. Why has my parcel tracking stopped updating?

    Most often when a parcel’s tracking has stopped updating, it is simply due to a small delay in th... (read more)