International Delivery Query

  1. Does the price I pay include customs charges?

    For information and support in understanding customs charges, please contact the sender of your i... (read more)

  2. How long will my parcel be held in customs?

    The courier will attempt to clear your parcel as quickly as possible through customs; however the... (read more)

  3. I do not wish to pay customs charges, what should I do?

    Please contact the sender of the parcel who will be able to assist you further. (read more)

  4. My item has received no tracking for several days, is there a problem?

    Most often when a parcel’s tracking has stopped updating, it is simply due to a small delay in th... (read more)

  5. Will I be able to track my parcel to its destination?

    You will be able to track your items from receipt through to delivery. The level of tracking info... (read more)

  6. Will my parcel be subject to customs charges?

    If you are located outside of the European Union, you may incur customs charges (for example Duty... (read more)

  7. How do I track my parcel?

    Please enter your tracking ID and delivery postcode to track your item. If you experience a probl... (read more)

  8. I am unable to track my item, why?

    When searching for items please ensure you enter the full tracking ID in addition to the delivery... (read more)